Seller’s Guide

Market conditions change on a regular basis and will be seasonally, demographically and economically driven. Information is key to understanding how to price your property and is gathered through numerous research methods and statistics. Most notably, the Calgary Real Estate Board provides an advanced system for gathering data on area sales and this information is available to a Realtor. However, the process is more involved than that. Accurately pricing your home needs to involve researching prior sales, viewing current listings in the immediate area, accounting for upgrades, modifications, location AND most importantly, experience.

Let’s Get Started

Every property we represent goes through complete assessment and set up stage. Our goal is to show you the difference between living in your home and what helps to SELL your home for top value. Our approach includes a full assessment of the interior design elements, what can be improved/enhanced/minimized and so much more. Our design gurus, renovators, trades professionals, painters, professional furniture rental companies/staging and so many more are put into action**. We cover the costs to have your home staged with existing items available.

Feature Sheets

Your homes “calling card” – the critical information that ensures prospective buyers are clear on what your home has to offer, its attributes, credentials and vital information. A buyer often visits 5 or more houses in one day. We will ensure your home stands out from the rest.

Advertising and Marketing

Photos are done, sign is up, property is listed so now what? The real works begins! A finely crafted marketing plan creates a template of how to pin point the audience looking for your home. Statistical information, demographic/income analysis, growth expectations, buyer cycles and so much more are finely tuned bi-weekly to capture the exposure needed. Utilizing advanced metric tools and Social Media campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn) is just the beginning.

Does anyone really pick up magazines anymore? A smart marketing plan carefully examines who the target audience is and what they may be using as a source of information. Our BOLD initiative capitalizes on demographics to fully utilize every opportunity to market your home.

Open House

Each property has a plan. The usefulness of an open house is proven when implemented correctly. What are the best times and days? Where is the open house being marketed to attract prospective buyers? We have a plan for this and we take a BOLD approach.

Word of Mouth

With decades of experience, we have long-standing relationships with buyers, Realtors and investors. Our goal…start talking. Use the “one degree of separation” to find the right buyer. It works!

Skilled Negotiation

Congratulations, you received an offer(s)! Now the critical component of negotiating for top value and a successful sale is paramount. With decades of negotiating skill and expertise we will work to manage every component with you.


** Additional cost will be assumed by the sellers.